Microservices Architecture Design


Microservices Design and Deployment

OpsWorks Co. is an expert in providing professional services in refactoring the monolithic applications using microservices concept with dockerization containerization and clustering technologies such as Kubernetes, Swarm, ECS. Our company is an experienced specialist in the introduction of continuous integration and delivery practices into the life-cycle development of application service components. We provide high-qualified infrastructure management in the flexible solution form, which based on the independent components achievement interconnected by software logic. 

Microservices architecture

Microservices architecture style is an approach to modifying a monolithic application as a suite of small services, each running in its process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms, often it is an HTTP resource API. These services are built around business capabilities and independently deployable by fully automated deployment machinery. There is a bare minimum of centralized management of these services, which may be written in different programming languages and use different data storage technologies.

The microservices architecture is a very dynamic topic. Although the idea of microservices building and implementation is not new, our many years’ experience, along with new technologies influenced on our ways of its understanding and using significantly. Due to dynamic updates, changes, and development, our company mostly focuses on ideas rather than on specific technologies, because we know that implementation details always change faster than the considerations they based on.

Cloud-based microservices

The building of smart microservices architecture based on small autonomous components allows achieving program modularity and its fault tolerance. Cloud-based microservices, in its turn, help to improve any application architecture and avoid cumbersome and confusing code. OpsWorks Co. qualified service could make your business re-looking with many intractable problems, as we can scale any projects and develop even the most complex systems. In our work we use the following methods:

Benefits of cooperating with us and implementing cloud microservices:

  • Implementing microservices architecture makes changes less expensive
  • We provide the continuous applications deployment practice
  • High scalability and availability for your cloud microservices
  • Implementation of emerging technologies.

OpsWorks Co. professional team is confident that in a few years implementation of microservices architecture, as well as cloud microservices, will be deeply embedded in business processes for its effective operation.  To provide end-to-end approach we have the broad expertise in Cloud consultingDevOps as a service, Remote system administrationNetwork engineering. In our work, we orient on the fundamental essence transferring of the microservices introduction and development. Cooperating with us you can be sure that you will be aware of the latest trends!